Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

We saw a demo showcasing future war in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with exoskeletons, gadgets, and swarms of unmanned drones. But it was a single-player demo, and so some folks wondered how many of these features would make it into the multiplayer mode. Developer Sledgehammer Games has affirmed that the multiplayer is becoming passed to include a host of important changes, including futuristic skills and equipment.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Sledgehammer Glen Schofield and cofounders Michael Condrey described how the team is progressing and essentially altering the well-worn Call of Duty multiplayer formula. For example, they say the inclusion of gadgets has significantly raised the agility of players and changed the stream of the match. “We have got heavy weapons, which is sort of another new class, verticality through the boost hop–you can imagine what that does to the multiplayer experience,” Condrey said. “And then cloak, super-strength, and then away-the-control changes, like the exo-boost and the exo-coast.”

He continued, saying that the abilities now allow you to perform different activities that further change the way the game is played: “We’ve got a truly amazing combo now with the boost jump and then a deadly slam from above. We believe like it’s a pretty fundamental change to the second to-second combat, together with the broader linear experience that you simply see in campaign.”

Condrey and Schofield believe that the new skills transform the way moment -to-instant fight plays something continuous and immediate as a shotgun. “A short-ranged, broad-angle weapon like the shotgun is fairly unsuccessful against a player who can boost out of the way extremely quickly, right? So there are lots of really fascinating and exceptional challenges and opportunities.”

Although Call of Duty developers have long emphasized the developments and iterations they bring to each year’s new multiplayer, they have seldom tried altering the fundamental mechanisms since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Sledgehammer wants to buck the trend, and Condrey considers that “the variety the new controls and the exo bring to gameplay is pretty ground-breaking.”

This is the very first time we have gotten concrete evidence that the exo-suit and futuristic abilities will be in Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer. In June, Sledgehammer claimed that Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer would be a huge step forward but didn’t supply any details. The programmer has additionally been describing the lengths to which it’s worked to make the game as visually dramatic as possible, even asserting that it takes “full benefit” of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.